gymternet fooled by Nassar as well

Nobody has pursued ethics, safety and human rights of gymnasts more doggedly than Jessica O’Beirne, founder of GymCastic.

Many of us wait for each week’s episode to get caught up on everything that’s happened on the Nassar crimes.

Yet Jess was fooled too.

… (GymCastic) interviewed Dr. Nassar in 2013 and has left the episode up in the podcast’s archive, albeit with an altered title, “Serial Pedophile Ex-Doctor Larry Nassar Interview.” …

She agrees with Mr. Barnes and Ms. Hopkins that she, too, was “groomed” by Dr. Nassar after he became a trusted source. “In the industry you get close to sources, and I think there was a delay in reporting because there was a delay in people thinking this could be true.” …

NY Times

I can’t recall hearing a negative word about Nassar online dating back to before 2000. Until women began coming forward.


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