alternatives to USAG

What happens if USAG is decertified?

What if they go broke due to lawsuits?

Tony Retrosi:

On social media there have been many people and groups calling for the decertification by the USOC of USA Gymnastics. If The USOC decides to decertify USAG all that means is that USAG will NOT be determining the Olympic Team.

USAG can still run the JO and Excel Program. They can still run educational workshops, congresses and conferences. BUT- if USAG does get decertified by the USOC, they may have lost the confidence of the American public and they will probably cease to exist.

What would our gyms do  then?

We would continue doing what we do. Teaching gymnastics. We would associate ourselves with a different association.

I met this with with the President of the USAIGC to learn about their program and for my gymThe USAIGC seems to be our best alternative. …

Gymnastics Clubs in the USA- Where Do We Go From Here?

Personally, I much prefer J.O. to the U.S. Independent Gymnastics Clubs WAG program.

Better would be launching a replacement for USAG.

USA Gymnastics, for example.

Open and transparent. Ethical. Safe.

One that might attract back sponsors to the sport.

related – some Clubs have not changed any policies in the wake of the Nassar crimes. That’s a big mistake.

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