Steven Legendre on salvaging USAG

As many of you know, I was elected to the USAG Board of Directors on January 1st, just under 1 month ago. I was asked to resign just a few days ago, at the request of the USOC with the option to be re-elected to my same position on the new board should my fellow Athlete Representatives feel I am deserving of that role.

I have submitted my letter of resignation to USAG already, but I would like you all to know that this in no way means that I am resigning from my duties to help our sport and be a strong voice that creates the change we so desperately need. …

… a hot topic.

The debate as to whether we can salvage the infrastructure of USAG and create positive change through comprehensive leadership changes, or that the organization is so far gone, so far rotted from the inside, that this is not possible. This is a tough one and I certainly see both opinions on this …

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USA Gymnastics faces lawsuits in Georgia, California and Michigan alleging its leaders failed to stop coaches and other officials from sexually abusing young athletes. And the first of those suits is headed for trial in April unless a settlement is reached. Either way, it is likely to be costly.

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