Russian gymnasts on the IOC ban

Aliya Mustafina‘s family is directly affected by the ban – her husband, Aleksey Zaytsev, is an Olympic hopeful in bobsleigh and two of his teammates received doping bans just last week. …


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2 thoughts on “Russian gymnasts on the IOC ban”

  1. We’ll miss the Russians, but doping is illegal. If Russia continues to dope, they’ll continue to miss out. Consider the athletes of other countries, who missed medals because a Russian athlete doped and beat them. Sure they stripped the medal, but the athlete who moves into a medal misses out on standing on the podium at the actual games!
    All clean Russians will still compete, but under the Olympic athletes of Russia banner. There will always be negative fall out on the innocent, but at least they’ll still have the opportunity to compete.


  2. Get a sobering look at the hubris, depth, and breadth of doping by watching the documentary “Icarus.” I believe it is still available on NETFLIX. Read Brigitte Berendonk’s book, DOPING FROM RESEARCH TO CHEATING, concerning her extensive research into the former East German doping machine. Berendonk’s book describes and discusses the long-term effects of doping on the athletes and the health consequences have been terrifying. And, YES, gymnasts were doping too.


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