USA CEO Kerry Perry – empowerment

First day on the job. Kerry Perry:

… As a mom, there is nothing more important to me than the safety and welfare of our athletes and promoting an environment where everyone has a voice. …

A culture of empowerment means ensuring that our athletes are encouraged to speak up on difficult issues, such as abuse or misconduct; our members and parents are supported; our staff and partners are highly engaged; and our board and constituents are aligned. Being empowered allows all of us to focus on learning and thriving in a sport we all love so much. …

A message to the USA Gymnastics community from Kerry Perry on her first day

Her statement uses the word empowerment 11 times. It’s a good word.


authority or power given to someone to do something …

the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights

Like most people I’m still not convinced that anything has really changed at USA Gymnastics. I hope I’m wrong.

She lists these initiatives that could actually make gymnasts safer in future:

Creating a dedicated, toll-free number – 1-833-844-SAFE – to report abuse. The dedicated phone line and the safe sport email address ( simplify the process for reporting.

Building an Athlete Task Force. The voices of our athletes, especially regarding prevention, are important, and I want to provide a format that encourages sharing of ideas and perspectives as we build an empowered culture.

Listening Forums. Meeting with and listening to our gymnastics community, partners and constituents are critically important to our efforts. Joined by our safe sport and senior staff members, I will be on the road visiting our member clubs, not only to share our strategic plan and vision, but also, more importantly, to listen, educate and support our athletes, club owners, parents and members to build an empowered organization together.

Best case scenario Kerry Perry names Aly Raisman to the Athlete Task Force. At that point I could start believing USA is serious.



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