equipment failure at #MTL2017GYM

In the very last rotation of 24, Netherland’s Bart DEURLOO complained to officials that there was a broken spot on Floor.

They took his concern seriously.

After a long delay, Bart was allowed to repeat his exercise. Then everyone from the last Floor rotation was allowed to repeat.

Ireland’s Andrew SMITH scored 13.333 Exe. : 7.733 | Diff. : 5.700 | Pen. : -0.100 the first time.

His second routine was better, I thought. Second score 13.933 Exe. : 8.233 | Diff. : 5.700.

Netherland’s Bram VERHOFSTAD scored 13.866 Exe. : 8.266 | Diff. : 5.900 | Pen. : -0.300

Bram looked excited for the re-do. Good landings brought him 14.433 Exe. : 8.333 | Diff. : 6.100 and a spot in the FX Final. #controversy … This bumps Tomás González to 1st reserve.

Casimir SCHMIDT (NED) was 14.233  Exe. : 8.133 | Diff. : 6.100 | Pen. : ACCEPTED

Casimir, too, was psyched from Bram’s success. Nailing landings. His score went down to 13.533. Exe. : 7.633 | Diff. : 5.900. I didn’t see his first set.

Bart DEURLOO (NED) was 12.766 Exe. : 7.166 | Diff. : 5.600

Bart … who started all this … in the end opted NOT to compete after all due to an ankle injury. But he did get his teammate VERHOFSTAD into the FX Final.

Quite the meet for Bart. On the previous apparatus he qualified for the H Bar final. This after suffering a probably concussion during podium training.

I’ll be following up on this issue.

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