Katelyn Ohashi on body image

Katelyn and Maria Caire have a blog where they  post on many things including ethical issues.

Katelyn just started a series featuring excerpts from her diary as a young gymnast:

Most kids at the age of 12 were probably playing video games and doing some chores. Me? I was training at least 36 hours a week, plastered on posters and magazines, representing the US National Team.

I had no voice or option but to live up to the expectations of everyone else, so I experienced these cruel, unwanted body remarks from just about everyone— coaches, fans/gymnastics followers, National team staff, my mother, and even myself. It started when I was 13, barely weighing 70 pounds. …

Dear Standards

Her coach was Valeri Liukin now U.S. Women’s National Team coordinator. I hope Katelyn goes on GymCastic to talk about her training diaries so we can hear the full story of her WOGA experience.

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USAG also needs to respond to Aly’s recent statements.

Aly Raisman Calls Out USA Gymnastics For Its Handling Of Sexual Abuse Allegations

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