Steve Penny resigned. What next?

“Hallelujah!!” said former U.S. national team member Doe Yamashiro, who in a 2011 Orange County Register investigation said she was sexually abused by Peters.

“I think it’s an important first step, but we’re not going to get a different type of leadership developing until we really change the nuts and bolts of the sport’s culture in general. This is really a long term re-haul that is going to take a lot of effort and education, education of the public and the sponsorship, the gymnasts, coaches and parents.” …

“We don’t see this as the end of the scandal or the end of the need for USA Gymnastics to enact reforms,” said Manly,who represents more than 70 of Nassar’s alleged victims. “This is just the end of the beginning. It wasn’t just Steve Penny that looked the other way when children were being sexually abused. There were a lot of other longtime board members who looked the other way when this was happening and they need to go to.”

In particular, Manly singled out Parilla, who has served on the USA Gymnastics board of directors since 1999 and has been chairman since 2015. …

“They have yet to even say ‘I’m sorry’ to their victims,” Manly said. “Even the Catholic bishops did that.” …

SCOTT M. REID – Critics say Steve Penny’s resignation not enough in wake of sex abuse allegations involving USA Gymnastics

UPDATEJessica O’Beirne of @GymCastic has been following this issue closely. She details many possible next steps on the GymCastic #244: Russian Nationals & Gymnix 2017 audiocast. (Posted just before Penny’s resignation.)

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