Tony Retrosi on USA Gymnastics

The best post I’ve seen yet on the Dr. Larry Nassar scandal:

With the information we currently have – I too want to make some one pay. This must be someone’s fault. Someone should have done something 20 years ago. The reality is that no one I knew suspected anything. If we had, we would have reported it. …

read more – USA Gymnastics – It’s about being a professional.

Why did USAG keep Nassar so long? Why didn’t someone in the organization flag his illegal behaviour sooner? Why don’t they react more quickly.

But to blame one person — CEO Steve Penny — is simplistic and shortsighted. He’s no more than 1% to blame. What about all the other coaches, officials, administrators, medical staff and judges?

There are dozens of changes that need be implemented at the family, club, State, Region and National level. There is no quick fix.

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7 thoughts on “Tony Retrosi on USA Gymnastics”

  1. WRONG. This is not about Steve Penny personally. Harry Truman is famously (and appropriately) quoted: “the buck stops here.”
    The so-called (including Board) “leadership” of USAG has been reactive, reluctant to take action, and defensive on this issue for many years.
    That thing at the end of the last sentence? period.


  2. The problem is that the Nassar abuse is directing the spotlight on him and not the big issue at USAG. The big issue is that they had files of reports of coaches that were abusing children and they did NOTHING about it. Penny knew full well about it and did NOTHING.


  3. And perhaps they all should.

    Steve Penny is not some poor, put upon guy. No one is accusing him of personally molesting children, but he’s hardly an innocent bystander. HIS organization kept a file cabinet full of complaints against member coaches — some spanning more than 300 pages — secret. HIS organization said that the coach was “just as much a member” and “deserved equal protection” as the gymnast. HIS organization refused/failed to put coaches on the banned list, even after criminal convictions in multiple instances. HIS organization sat on their hands for SIX WEEKS while conducting an “internal investigation” of a child molester before contacting authorities and, after they did so, informed not a single parent, gymnast or coach of their concerns with their once lauded doctor, allowing him instead to quietly “resign” with a false excuse. HIS organization allowed an employee to drunkenly assault an athlete member, in full view of multiple witnesses, and continued to employ him as their representative for YEARS afterwards.

    The list goes on and on. Penny MUST go. CEOs have been let go for far, far less serious offenses than those we KNOW Penny committed. Anyone that was responsible for keeping those files secret should go with him. A clean sweep of the board and executive positions would be in the best interest of the organization AND the sport.


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