are Arabians forwards or backwards tumbling?

WAG considers them forward (SALTOS FORWARD & SIDEWARD). MAG backward. It’s silly that the two Technical committees can’t agree.


The takeoff is more critical than the landing position in my opinion. Arabians are much more a backwards tumbling skill than forwards.

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7 thoughts on “are Arabians forwards or backwards tumbling?”

  1. I find it odd that WAG is calling this a forward skill. Since I use a trampoline approach to teaching and viewing I see a backward full as Arabian + Barani. Using the WAG logic a back full is a forward skill; since a Barani is a forward skill.
    Unless they consider it a forward skill because it lands forward…in which case a “back full” is a backward skill, a “back one and a half” is a forward skill, a “back double full” is a backward skill, a “back two and a half twist” is a forward skill…
    Messed up logic either way.

    WAG is confusing things without reason. I suppose 1/2 In 1/2 Out is a forward skill because it is a double front with a 1/2 turn…ignoring the backward take off with the half turn that started it all. So many holes in this.

    Every half twist you are changing from a flipping forwards to backwards or vice versa. That’s just the way it is.

    How about backward take off is a backward skill (regardless of how many twists or where in the salto you put the twist)…and a forward take off is a forward skill (regardless of how many twists, or where in the salto you put the twist). Go MAG for making sense out of something that should be simple.



    1. But it’s not just about the landing. Both flips in an arabian double front are forwards. So your logic above doesn’t really apply to this skill as you’re simplifying it far too much. Just my two cents…


    2. Thanks Matt. Agreed. Height, rotation and distance are fixed once the gymnast leaves the apparatus. That’s the critical phase. So it should be used to decide forwards, backwards or sidewards.


  2. I agree that it should be backwards tumbling. It’s difficult to generate the power and height in an arabian without taking of from a backward tumbling position.


  3. Not trying to highjack the thread here, but there are many issues pertaining to the “whys” of the WAG CoP……skill groupings largely independent of required element groups? How do coaches find skills?


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