new Men’s Code of Points

FIG MTC Chair Steve Butcher:

The new MAG Code of Points changes may seem minor to many, but the MTC objectives have grown. I have to mention first the numerous changes made to help improve safety.

Two examples are the elimination of rollout saltos on Floor Exercise and the banning of triple salto vaults. Rollout saltos leave little margin for error, could potentially cause catastrophic injuries and have been known to produce some concussion damage. Even double salto vaults offer very little margin for error, as we saw in one dramatic accident at the Olympic Games.

Our objective is also to better promote the sport, which is the reason the MTC has given higher values to some elements enjoyed by spectators, like flairs on Pommel Horse.

We raised the value of some rarely performed elements in order to produce more differentiation between exercises. Despite some higher element values, the MTC is committed to using execution deductions as the principle method of separating the best gymnasts and discouraging unprepared gymnasts from attempting high level elements.”

WOG #80


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