Renmore Gymnastics, Ireland

Head Coach Sally Batley:

Last week Renmore Gymnastics was honoured to receive two awards, the first ‘Competitive club of the year’, the second ‘Innovative club of the year’. These results in my opinion go hand in hand, we have achieved competitive results by our use of innovation. Our recent successes are a direct result of implementing new methodology in our training, of being open enough to say we are learning, we do not know everything.

Now as the gymnasts start to achieve foundation results within their High Performance pathway I am encountering for the first time a strange phenomenon… judges, coaches, sometimes strangers coming to shake my hand and congratulate us on doing a great job.

Coaches asking how we have achieved these results, judges thanking us for the pleasure of watching the girls compete. Those of you that know me would also know that I do not take compliments very naturally either… normally I would make some excuse for how it’s not as it seems and then change the subject. Well this weekend I fought these natural impulses and I just smiled and thanked those that approached me for their complimentary words …



I’ve been following the progress of Renmore Gymnastics in Galway, Ireland for years. As always success is never overnight. This club has been committed and focused on success for a long, long time. Sally and her team deserve these accolades.


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