3D video to determine difficulty scores

The most exciting story out of the 2016 FIG Congress was Fujitsu’s video analysis software that can (finally) determine what skills were performed by a gymnast.

… the FIG Executive Committee is very interested by this idea that would allow the reduction of the number of judges needed for competition. …

Exclusive: Departing FIG President Grandi hails 3D judging technology as “great chance” for his sport


Click PLAY or watch the presentation at FIG Congress on YouTube. Gymnastics starts around the 10min mark.

The faster this technology can be introduced, the better.

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Rick Mc

Career gymnastics coach who loves the outdoors, and the internet.

One thought on “3D video to determine difficulty scores”

  1. Rick,
    as you know, I respect you enormously, but really?
    Are you seriously suggesting that the most significant problem(s) in
    a. the future development of the sport
    b. the issues that plague the last decade plus pertaining to the various crude and clumsy open-ended codes
    c. judging “objectivity” or “fairness”
    have anything to do (Beckstead ’04 excepted!) with deficiencies in the competence of officials to correctly identify skills?

    it’s a great technological innovation, a nice bauble, fun to discuss, but utterly irrelevant to the real issues that pertain to how to determine “rank order” on “merit” of our athletes……



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