female gymnasts no longer want to retire

Lauren Hopkins:

… it seems like so many who competed this year have the goal of sticking around. The only retirements I know of for sure so far this year have been Lauren Mitchell, Houry Gebeshian, Julie Croket, Marine Brevet, Youna Dufournet, Ruby Harrold (though she’s doing NCAA), Marta Pihan-Kulesza, Yu Minboe, Kirsten Beckett, Marcela Torres, Nicole Hitz, and then for the Americans, Amelia Hundley, Brenna Dowell, Maggie Nichols, Rachel Gowey, Alyssa Baumann, and Madison Desch, all of whom will be competing in college.

I’ve also heard Jessica López MIGHT retire but she hasn’t officially announced anything yet and is doing the Swiss Cup in a couple of weeks. The same can be said for a few others, like Vanessa Ferrari for example (she said the Olympics would be her last but now she’s not so sure)…but the women listed above are the only ones I know of who for sure announced retirements. …

You Asked, The Gymternet Answered

Jessica Lopez 7th AA in Rio (age 30)
Jessica Lopez 7th AA in Rio (age 30)

It does seem that fewer female (and male) gymnasts have announced retirements after Rio than any other Olympics. A great trend for our sport.

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