elgrip NOT required next Men’s Code

DRAFT FIG Men’s Code of Points 2020 page 135 – Horizontal Bar:

Article 15.2.2 Information about the D score

1. The Element Groups are (EG):

I. Long hang swings with and without turns.
II. Flight elements.
III. In bar and Adler elements.
IV. Dismounts.

Adler is German for “eagle”. An eagle or elgrip swing has always been required in the past. But with the reduction in Special Requirements from 5 to 4, gymnasts will be required to do either an In Bar skill or Eagle skill. An Endo, for example, would suffice.

We will be seeing this skill far less in future.


Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

The classic Stoop Shoot MIGHT damage the shoulders of gymnasts. I’m very happy to see it no longer a requirement. The very few genetically gifted may continue to use it.

Most have been done badly in the past. Flexed feet, bent knees, wide arms, etc.

Congratulations to FIG MTC for this change
, something many have been calling for for decades. We’ll have fewer shoulder injuries in future.

Of course gymnasts will continue to use variations of that skill including Adler 1/2 and Adler 1/1, both much less for shoulder injury.


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