Vault: Ri, Abliazin, Shirai

After gold on Vault at the 2014 and 2015 World Championships, Ri Se Gwang of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea made it three in a row.

At his first Olympics after a decade on the international scene, Ri demonstrated his mastery of the vault that bears his name, landing both of his jumps with little trouble. …


1. RI Se Gwang PRK 15.691
2. ABLIAZIN Denis RUS 15.516
3. SHIRAI Kenzo JPN 15.449

full results

Olympic Games Rio 2016: RI Se Gwang/PRK and coach

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One thought on “Vault: Ri, Abliazin, Shirai”

  1. Does anyone have any thoughts on Ri’s “piked” Dragalescu? It starts piked but the majority of rotations are tucked. I would say it should’ve been devalued as it’s more tucked than piked.


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