Beam: Wevers, Hernandez, Biles

1. WEVERS Sanne NED 15.466
2. HERFANDEN Lauren USA 15.333
3. BILES Simone USA 14.733

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Unlike her rivals, Wevers relied on complicated turns rather than flips to compile the highest difficulty score of any routine in the final and her touch of elegance helped withstand the challenge from Lauren Hernandez, the other American contender. The 16-year-old earned silver, her second medal after gold with the U.S. team last week.

After a dozen flawless routines and three gold medals, Biles finally made a mistake, grabbing the beam to stay on after an underrotated front somersault. …


Olympic Games Rio 2016: WEVERS Sanne/NED and coach

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8 thoughts on “Beam: Wevers, Hernandez, Biles”

  1. I thought Laurie s routine was a gold medal performance she was the cleanest hit her connections and was artistry performed she had a near stuck landing and once again she gets an inquiry denied that’s not right I believe if she wasn’t a new to this senior probably would have gotten it but she should have gotten the gold it’s too bad yes she’s American but shouldn’t get screwed for it


  2. Laurie did not have enough difficulty in this case to challenge wever. She was behind in total score by well over one tenth. Also laurie d score is at least 0.2 below wever.

    Laurie did actually got higher e score than wever.

    I think the placement is correct overall. .. wever did the routine of her life…. only a top performance from biles or ioardache (or another top beamer in their best shape) could have really challenge wever in time


    1. We can disagree to agree but I feel Laurie s routine was cleaner and more artistic with a cleaner dismount and her connections were on spot regardless of difficulty she should have gotten the gold and most people saw it my way on social media the judges got it wrong v


      1. Laurie did get higher e score but as I said her d score just not high enough to overtake wever.. laurie d score is 6.3-6.4… wever d score 6.6 – 6.7

        They both did one of their best routines.


      2. Tdog, what social media are you talking about? English speaking media packed with little girls who are USA fans? Do you speak Dutch? Did you bother to read any Dutch social media to balance for bias?

        Luckily we use expert unbiased gymnastics judges to determine winners, not frantic little girls on social media.


  3. I don’t know if Sanne’s series should have gotten credit. I LOVE her routine, it’s breathtaking but that was a LONG pause between aerials.


    1. From what I remember in the WAG code regarding connections, you can count connections between step out skills if you don’t put the second foot down. The logic being, I assume, that the first skills hasn’t been completed until you actually ‘step out’. All the aerial connections I’ve seen have a pause of some sort in between on one leg.


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