JUDGE catches Jon Horton

John Conrad clearly has the coaching reflex. :-)

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Thanks Austin.

Kyle Thalman – Spotting

Kyle posted his DVD on YouTube so more coaches will get to see it. Thanks!

Basic Concept of Spotting – 1:02
Safety Tips – 4:08
Running Tumbling Spotter Progression Skills – 18:26

1 – Handstand chapter – 5:57
2 – Forward Roll Chapter – 7:23
3 – Backward Roll Chapter – 8:46
4 – Front Walkover – 10:12
5 – Back Walkover – 11:37
6 – Cartwheel – 12:47
7 – Standing Back Handspring – 14:08
8 – Standing Back Tuck – 16:26

9 – Running Aerial – 19:35
10 – Running Front Tuck – 21:27
11 – Round-off Back Handspring – 23:27
12 – Round-off Back Handspring Back Tuck – 25:55

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backward handspring balking

This is very dangerous.


I’ve found balking to affect far more WAG than MAG. That it’s almost always on a backwards skill. And that it tends to be more common around the competitive season. Stress may be one factor.

Gymnastics Mental Coach offers some good advice – How To Remedy Balking In Your Gymnastics Routines…

I love tumbling up on to a table of mats. Good technique. Safer. And it provides no incentive to balk.

balking on tumbling

More advice here – how to deal with balking

catching Bartlomiej Hes

Not an easy job. Catching trampolinists who fly off the elevated bed.

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That’s gone somewhat viral.

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When is Trampoline going to finally be competed at ground level? It would be much safer.

Thanks Brett.

Kids in Action Gymnastics

I dropped in to see coach Leonard Isaacs at his new club in Lake Barrington outside Chicago.

Owner Gary Griffin brought Leonard in to KIAGA – a gorgeous, clean 23,000 square foot facility only 3 years old.

Gary Leonard

Leonard Isaacs and Bill Sands were the first Elite American coaches I ever followed. They coached together in Chicago a … few years ago. :-)

Both are still two of the gurus that influence me most as a coach.

Leonard is an advisor and consultant to Tumbl Trak, coming up with new innovations to make Gymnastics training safer. This time he showed me a series of non-spotting progressions for teaching high to low “Bail” handstand on Bars. That video will be released soon.

Here’s a background article on Kids in Action – KIAGA’s Coach Gary.


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Tumbl Trak – Pit Pillow

I really like the Pit Pillow Mat because it is perfect size for just about anything in training, GREAT for any dismount, timers or many drills. We also use it for bars release skills. …

– Liang Chow

I visit about 40 gyms every year. Often I ask the kids: “What’s your favourite soft mat?”

They bring me some old beaten up wreck of a mat that’s normally kept in the pit. It’s soft. Friendly. Perfect for “timers”.

Tumbl Trak can sell you a mat like that. And they are comparatively inexpensive.


I guarantee this mat would get a LOT of use in your facility.

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Flip Smart Mat System

Created by Brian Howell of Jungle Gymnastics, this multi-piece mat system has endless uses …

Carolina Gym Supply $1,954.00

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