spotting Cheng

The very first thing I saw on walking into #Glasgow2015 podium training was … this.

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That’s our World Vault Champion 2014 Hong Un Jong.

when your teammate fails to spot


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Here’s a teammate spotting attentively. :-)

protecting children in Gymnastics

MarvinSharpMarthaKarolyiThe GymCastic audiocast #163Enough – did a good job addressing this topic in the aftermath of the arrest of Olympic coach Marvin Sharp for suspicion of child molestation and possession of child pornography. Sharp pleaded innocent but is still in custody.

The GymCastic interviews with Dr. Megan Neyer and Katherine Starr are excellent. Very informative. Very helpful.

To follow up click through to Safe4Athletes.

The GymCastic page has more good links.

Coaches – especially male coaches – should not be alone with an underage athlete in a car, in a hotel, in a photo studio. Perhaps not even in an open Gym.

In the long term, female coaches must continue to take over leadership of women’s Artistic Gymnastics. WAG should have fewer male coaches in future. This means women should do more spotting … or – better – should coach with less spotting. More drills.

Blind Change drills

Troy Wright linked to this video of Blind Change drills and spotting.

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JUDGE catches Jon Horton

John Conrad clearly has the coaching reflex. :-)

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Thanks Austin.

Kyle Thalman – Spotting

Kyle posted his DVD on YouTube so more coaches will get to see it. Thanks!

Basic Concept of Spotting – 1:02
Safety Tips – 4:08
Running Tumbling Spotter Progression Skills – 18:26

1 – Handstand chapter – 5:57
2 – Forward Roll Chapter – 7:23
3 – Backward Roll Chapter – 8:46
4 – Front Walkover – 10:12
5 – Back Walkover – 11:37
6 – Cartwheel – 12:47
7 – Standing Back Handspring – 14:08
8 – Standing Back Tuck – 16:26

9 – Running Aerial – 19:35
10 – Running Front Tuck – 21:27
11 – Round-off Back Handspring – 23:27
12 – Round-off Back Handspring Back Tuck – 25:55

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube. (30min)

backward handspring balking

This is very dangerous.


I’ve found balking to affect far more WAG than MAG. That it’s almost always on a backwards skill. And that it tends to be more common around the competitive season. Stress may be one factor.

Gymnastics Mental Coach offers some good advice – How To Remedy Balking In Your Gymnastics Routines…

I love tumbling up on to a table of mats. Good technique. Safer. And it provides no incentive to balk.

balking on tumbling

More advice here – how to deal with balking