Tumbl Trak – Pit Pillow

I really like the Pit Pillow Mat because it is perfect size for just about anything in training, GREAT for any dismount, timers or many drills. We also use it for bars release skills. …

– Liang Chow

I visit about 40 gyms every year. Often I ask the kids: “What’s your favourite soft mat?”

They bring me some old beaten up wreck of a mat that’s normally kept in the pit. It’s soft. Friendly. Perfect for “timers”.

Tumbl Trak can sell you a mat like that. And they are comparatively inexpensive.


I guarantee this mat would get a LOT of use in your facility.

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Flip Smart Mat System

Created by Brian Howell of Jungle Gymnastics, this multi-piece mat system has endless uses …

Carolina Gym Supply $1,954.00

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Norberts spotting boxes

Calgary Gymnastics Centre got new Canyon Bar Blocks. These are even better than an in-ground trench pit, in my opinion, since the set up is so adjustable.

And the blocks can be used for many, many other purposes.

Norberts spotting boxes

Laura Jurca – Bars

Coach Lucian Sandu often seems to touch the gymnasts while spotting in competition. I appreciate his caution, but any brush should be a deduction. This is not the first time this issue has come up.

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how NOT to learn Shaposh

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Learning shaposh on bars! Ya know, because high bar was such a good event for me…

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Next time stack up the “cheese” mats sloping towards the low bar. Use 2 spotters.

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great Tkachev spot

Coach Mauro di Rienzo got a big round of applause in the Junior Finals at Gymnix. Sara Berardinelli will never forget this routine.

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I’d noted earlier that the Italian and Swiss Bar spotters were very careful while spotting these young girls competing BIG skills. I appreciated their caution. And it paid off for Sara in this case.

After the first catch, I switched my camera over to Bars. Here’s a different angle.

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See Grace Chiu’s photo on Facebook.

Bars coach catches gymnast

You may wonder why so many coaches stand in on high to low transfers. Here’s one reason.

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