new TV show – All Around Champion

UPDATE – You can watch the Gymnastics episodes online. The host is Perdita Felicien2003 World champion in the 100 metres hurdles.

Alicia Sacramone celebrity coach.

… Turns out 2 days is not long enough for non-gymnast athletes to learn a Handspring vault.  😐   Whoda thunk it? 

Episode 2A – Gymnastics

Episode 2B – Gymnastics

Launched on BYUtv. a family cable television network owned and operated by Brigham Young University.

10 Amazing Athletes, 10 Sports, 1 All-Round Champion.

The challenge is to compete in sports other than your own.

Gymnastics is represented by Sydney Stevens from Fundy Gymnastics in Canada.

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Meet a TV Gymnastics Coach

Jordan Clark plays gymnastics coach and teacher Miss Allister on My Perfect Landing!

Jordan is an actor, dancer, and choreographer.

She is bubbly and fun, always cheering on her girls, but is often oblivious to the drama happening behind the scenes.

Watch My Perfect Landing on Family Channel in Canada (launches today) and CBBC in the UK.

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Ninja Warrior history: Warnky & Labreck

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