top NCAA Men’s gymnasts (so far)

1. Zach Liebler (Minnesota)
2. Akash Modi (Stanford).
3. Colin Van Wicklen (Oklahoma)

1. Brandon Ngai (Illinois)
2. Timmy Wang (Air Force)
3. Alec Yoder (Ohio State)

Click PLAY or watch Alec’s Pommels on YouTube. Team USA could use this routine.

1. Sean Melton (Ohio State)
2. Alex Diab (Illinois)
3. Thao Hoang (Oklahoma)

Click PLAY or watch Sean’s Rings on YouTube.

1. Anthony McCallum (Michigan)
2. Yaro Pochinka (Minnesota)
3. Taylor Seaton (Stanford)

1. Yul Moldauer (Oklahoma)
2. Sean Melton (Ohio State)
3. Dennis Zaremski (Stanford)

Click PLAY or watch Yul’s P Bars on YouTube.

1. Chase Cannon (Air Force)
2. Jesse Glenn (Army)
3. Andrew Rickly (Ohio State)

1. Akash Modi (Stanford)
2. Allan Bower (Oklahoma)
3. Kevin Wolting (Cal)

Allan’s had a great season. Click PLAY or watch his Vault on YouTube.

full men’s rankings

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1910 Pommel Horse for sale

At west end salvage in Des Moines.

The oldest description of gymnastics on an artificial horse is over 600 years old. It was written by a Renatus Vegetius, who, in his four volume “Overview of the Roman Army”, describes soldiers using a wooden horse for practice. …

In the early 19th century, when Jahn, regarded as the father of gymnastics, was alive, there were three different kinds of horses on the Hasenheide in Berlin …

History of Pommel horse


University of Calgary International Cup RESULTS

The annual international “friendly” in Canada was better than ever this year. Canada’s top guys vs very strong teams from China and USA in a 6-5-4 format.

The top 2 international stars for Canada were out of the team. Scott Morgan competed only Rings, protecting a “lower body” injury. Kevin Lytwin (knee ligament injury) did LIVE colour commentary.

When Team USA had ZERO falls starting on Pommels, I got the feeling they’d win this event. They did.

1. USA 346.75
2. CHINA 341.75
3 CANADA 340.90

1. Yixin Du CHN 86.250
2. Baisen Gu CHN 85.750
3. Paul Ruggeri USA 84.250

1T Eddie Penev USA 6.70 15.500
1T Jile Mu 6.60 15.500
3. Paul Ruggeri USA 6.70 15.050

Click PLAY or watch Eddie’s Floor on YouTube.

1. Marvin Kimble USA 6.70 14.800
2. CJ Maestas USA 6.10 14.650
3. Jackson Payne CAN 6.40 14.500

Click PLAY or watch Jackson’s Pommels on YouTube.

1. CJ Maestas USA 6.70 15.300
2. Yixin Du CHN 6.50 14.500
3. Damien Cachia CAN 6.00 14.450

* Scott Morgan CAN 6.50 15.450 (competing as an individual)

Click PLAY or watch CJ’s Rings on YouTube.

Vault (one Vault)
1. Eddie Penev USA 5.80 15.100
2. Damien Cachia CAN 5.60 14.800
3. Baisen Gu CHN 5.20 14.600 3

Click PLAY or watch Eddie’s Vault on YouTube.

P Bars
1. Yixin Du CHN 6.70 15.700
2T Paul Ruggeri USA 6.30 15.050
2T Jackson Payne CAN 6.30 15.050

H Bar
1. Huanzhang Jin CHN 6.50 14.700
2. Marvin Kimble USA 6.50 14.550
3. Yixin Du CHN 5.90 14.450


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MAG 2020 Code of Points draft

Mens Gymnastics Australia Podcast is reviewing the DRAFT Code of Points. The review period is over end of January. No doubt there will be changes to the next draft.

But if you are interested NOW, click through.

General – Part 1 / 7 2017 Draft CoP Series

Floor – Part 2 / 7 2017 Draft CoP Series

Pommel – Part 3 / 7 2017 Draft CoP Series

MAG Australia podcast