Yuri Korolev dead at 60

Heart attack.

What a loss.

Montreal 1985 was my first World Championships. For 10 days I videotaped MAG for FIG. Mostly Floor Exercise.

For us Li Ning and Tong Fei were the sensations. But the Soviet team was deep, deep:

Vladimir Artemov
Yuri Korolev
Valentin Mogilny
Yury Balabanov
Aleksei Tikhonkikh
Aleksandr Tumilovich

Korolev won the AA in Montreal as well as at Worlds 1981 Moscow.

A class champion. What a loss.

With a total of 34 individual medals at World Championships, World Cups, and European Championships competitions, Korolyov has more such medals than any other non-Olympian with Valentin Mogilny (17) being the next highest in this sort of medal count. 

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