Karin Lichey’s perfect 40.0

February 23, 1996 perfect 40.0 in the all-around.

Karin Lichey Usry attended the University of Georgia from 1996–1999, and was part of both NCAA Championship teams in 1998 and 1999. …

She won the Honda Sports Award as the nations’s top gymnast in 1999.

Of course it’s impossible to compare the over-scores of today with the over-scores of that era. Karin did have a terrific night.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube. It was recorded by a friend of Assistant Gym Dog Coach Doug McGavin.

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One thought on “Karin Lichey’s perfect 40.0”

  1. Great performance. The late 90s were such a wonderful time to be in Athens as a Georgia fan. Modern young viewers might not realize how much extra difficulty Karin had in those routines compared to what was required at the time to get a 10. For example, no need for the pike full in, no need for the beam triple series, etc. I always admired those Georgia teams for including more difficulty than most of their competitors.


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