Gymnastics Worlds too Restrictive?

Working with the FIG dues paying Bermuda Federation, I can tell you it’s getting near impossible for any gymnast training there to compete at Sr. Worlds.

The career would have to go perfectly through the PAGU qualifying system.

Hardy Fink has attended more Worlds and Olympics than anyone. He feels that the restricted-access World Championship in this quadrennial and the next are a mistake. In an effort to make Worlds shorter, we’ve reduced the opportunities for elite gymnasts from developing nations. And for specialists worldwide.

In the case of Bermuda, for example, should the Federation continue with FIG? I’d still say YES for Commonwealth Games and PanAm Games, but there is an argument for withdrawing from FIG competition completely.

Read Hardy’s detailed analysis:

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Rick Mc

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2 thoughts on “Gymnastics Worlds too Restrictive?”

  1. This is a very important set of observations. I hope that many will take the time to read this (in proper order as denoted by the author) and respond appropriately. Hardy makes some incredibly good points in this diatribe and is absolutely correct in his analysis of the deep impact to our sport world-wide. Excellent, Hardy! Well-done!


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