South American Championships Finals 2

🥇 Julia Soares BRA 12.967
🥈 Brisa Carraro ARG 12.467
🥉 Ana Karina Mendez PER 12.067

🥇 Julia Soares BRA 13.700
🥈 Carolyne Pedro BRA 13.067
🥉 Hillary Heron PAN 12.967

Julia Soares BRA FX: Arabian double front is GORGEOUS in the air, and excellent on the landing. Almost sticks the full-in as well. Stunning. Memmel turn goes well. Switch ring to tour jeté half. Triple wolf turn. Clean double tuck, small bounce. Split jump full into the corner before her last pass, a double pike, small hop. Absolutely fantastic routine. 13.700 (5.5, 8.200)!!!!!!!! WOW, so deserved.

🥇 Caio Souza BRA 14.475
🥈 Daniel Villafañe ARG 13.938
🥉 Josue Armijo CHI 13.875

P Bars
🥇 Jossimar Calvo COL 14.525
🥈 Caio Souza BRA 14.300
🥉 Dilan Jimenez COL 13.975

H Bar
🥇 Caio Souza BRA 14.150
🥈 Joel Alvarez CHI 13.325
🥉 Diogo Soares BRA 13.275

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