Gymnastics Canada Culture Review

Announced June 30, 2022:

McLaren Global Sport Solutions (MGSS) is pleased to announce that it will be leading the development of an implementation plan for a culture review as well as provide an analysis of Gymnastics Canada’s current national safe sport policies and procedures.

Gymnastics Canada

I received the link to their survey by email Oct 5, 2022.

McLaren should be an independent review. I know some victims feel they are not independent enough.

I was happy to see the process underway. I made myself available for future focus groups, if asked.

I thought the survey looked professional. Let’s wait on the report.

Here are a few points I shared:

Most gymnasts, recreational and competitive, in Canada benefit from the sport. It’s the activity I recommend #1 for parents.

MOST of the problems occur in WAG (Women’s Artistic Gymnastics) in competitive levels. The higher the level of competition, the more incidents. Highest priority for any analysis and change should be focused on WAG first. New policies could then be expanded to cover all Gymnastics disciplines.

I fear that the current focus on “SafeSport” will result in fewer participants, while correctly making changes for the better.  As a population Canadians will be less healthy. 

Look again at NEGATIVE starting points in Canada:

➙ “Universal Code of Conduct to Prevent and Address MALTREATMENT in Sport

➙ “ABUSE free Sport

In Great Britain they cover the same content with headings like: “Safeguarding and Protecting Children“.  A positive starting point. 

You should know that many coaches are suspicious of “SafeSport” in the USA and Canada, worrying it might result in more innocent people being wrongfully accused. YES I know that rarely happens.  But it does happen.  And we still live in a society where folks are innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

Please leave a comment if you disagree.

Know that this site is the only one on the internet that shares a reminder warning about every Gymnastics coach convicted. We do that on our Twitter feed:

Gymnastics Coaching (@GymCoaching)

If you are concerned for a child, here are some of the important links in Canada:

Canadian Sport Helpline – a free, anonymous, confidential, and independent service 

Abuse Free Sport Canada

Kids Help Phone

Kids Help Phone Live Chat Counselling – immediate crisis support

Gymnastics Canada Safe Sport Reporting

Universal Code of Conduct to Prevent & Address Maltreatment in Sport

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