Baker, Memmel, Sacramone USAG

Though making decisions by committee is never easy, I’m still happy with these hires.

I don’t know Dan Baker. But everyone feels confident that Chellsie and Alicia will speak truth to power. I recall when Alicia was the only National Team member with the guts to question Marta. #respect

Baker’s broad focus will be on the Hopes, TOPS, and junior developmental program as well as talent identification. …

(Chellsie) provides the technical and coaching oversight of the High Performance Program and serves as the resident expert for training, competition and performance. Memmel will direct training and skill development at National Team camps and clinics and will travel to clubs around the country to help facilitate streamlined implementation of the program’s high performance strategy …

(Alicia) oversees strategic planning and guides the overall direction of the high performance program. Quinn will focus on the program as a whole and the overarching strategy for the National Team while also making the holistic development of individual athletes, physically and mentally, a top priority. …

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