Tony Retrosi on USA Coordinator search

Right now U.S. Elite Coaching Association Chairman Tony Retrosi is working with the Swiss National team as they build a more positive culture.

But Tony weighed in on the current search for the next women’s National Team Coordinator:

As a coach, I do not coach the same way today as I did 30 years ago or even 5 years ago. I will not coach the same way in 5 years as I do today. We learn, we make path corrections and move forward. What is completely acceptable today will be frowned upon in just a few short years. Like a hair cut or a suit, Today I look cool.  In a few years, Oh my god, what was I thinking?! 

The USA is searching for a new National Team Coordinator. Reality is that there are not a lot of qualified individuals.  For the record, I do not feel I am qualified or interested.

Going down the list of my rules here are my thoughts.  …


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