WHO should USA hire?

I’m often consulted when clubs hire a new Head Coach. About 50% of the time the new hire is not better than the old. It’s the math.

Many coaches of the top teams in the world would be reluctant to consider the position.

Spencer has some advice for the USAG hiring committee. (If smart, they’d ask Simone to join that group.)

… USAG may be best served at this point by hiring an elite national team head coach—one whose purview is routine feedback, coach development, and a non-abusive culture but who is explicitly not involved in team selection—then hiring a literal Excel document to select teams, and establishing a separate injury-petition committee made up of definitely-not-the-coaches to intervene on judgement calls that a spreadsheet and extensive documentation can’t manage. …


My vote would go to K.J. Kindler. But she’d be crazy to apply.

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