World’s First 3D Trampoline Simulator 

Guest post by Greg Roe

GRT’s PRO Flipper

Trampoline and Gymnastics ‘Jump’ into Esports! 

GRT Pro Flipper is a brand new Mobile Trampoline Simulator that takes trampoline to the next level. All other trampoline-based apps on the App stores are all based on simpler 2D game play that is known as “Button Mashing” where complex skills are simplified into a combination of buttons being pressed in a pattern that does not truly match what a trampolinist actually does in the air at the Olympics. 

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Developed by Greg Roe,  the Freestyle Trampoline Association (FTA), an internationally recognized acrobatic sports platform, Pro Flipper is already turning heads internationally. When the FTA announced they were going to bring acrobatics into the Esports Industry, the Global Esports Federation (GEF) quickly made the FTA an official Federation Member with their eyes set on putting it in the Olympics in years to come. 

Esports as an industry is trying to get into the Olympics after a huge Boom during Covid and in the Tokyo Olympics they launched the Olympic Virtual Series which debuted a few real-life sports games as a test run which means Esports is taking a huge step forward on the world’s largest sports stage. With it, the FTA believes their Mobile 3D Trampoline Simulator can officially bring acrobatics into this booming industry. 

Traditionally most Esports are Battle-Royale or First Person Shooter based games. The Olympics is currently only accepting games that are based on real-world sports such as Cycling and Rowing. This puts the FTA is a great position to be pioneers of both the acrobatic industry by creating an entirely new “Freestyle” discipline as well as the Esports industry all in one swoop. 

The FTA has already created dozens of acrobatic Esports teams in Pro Flipper and have started test-running smaller Esports competitions in cooperation with their live events. The FTA has made it clear that they plan on using video games to inspire non-acrobats to embrace acrobatics through playing their various games and simulators. With multiplayer, live updated leader boards and expansion into Snowboarding, Ski, Wakeboarding and even Wind Tunnel Flying, the FTA plans on creating the first ever Extreme Sports Training Grounds all within the app in years to come and eventually take the mobile game to console. 

“We already work with Snowboard Germany, Ski Canada, Wakeboard Germany, Sweden, Wind Tunnel Flyers in Poland and of course the Nitro Circus athletes. Why Not create a trampoline-based training tool and virtual world for all these sports? That is what Freestyle is about, including all new-aged sports so they can all learn from each other.” – Greg Roe

The FTA also claims that the simulator will help expand the acrobatic market. There are many members of society who would love to jump on a trampoline or swing around a high bar but for one reason or another are unable to do so. The FTA  believes that opening up acrobatics to Esports fans will be a great way to target individuals who normally do not get to experience flips and spins on a daily basis. The FTA will be developing many educational programs within the various acrobatic apps that can be used as an educational tool for real live sports as well.

Spatial Awareness is a huge component of acrobatics and that was highlighted during Simone’s issues at the past Olympics which has shown the entire acrobatic industry, that previously focused primarily on mechanics, that the psychological aspect of the sport plays a much bigger role than many believe. Using a trampoline simulator before training, after training and even during training provides athletes with brain training that stimulates the areas of the brain that deal with processing projectile motion and space and time. 

With Pro Flipper, athletes can literally test out new body movements, trajectories and go through many different positions that are Traditional and Freestyle in nature to compare the results on the avatar. This gives the athletes a safe testing ground for new skills first and foremost as well as gives athletes a way to mentally go through repetitions to better solidify the mental circuits that activate when actually doing acrobatics. 

Research from Temple University(1) show that video games help individuals increase their spatial mapping and leads to improved performance in Maths, Sciences and technology fields which help individuals achieve life success, not just in the gym but in their careers. There are many articles discussing the benefits of virtual simulation on actual physical performance which is why pilots and Astronauts will train in simulators. Why wouldn’t Traditional athletes?

The FTA has created an entire online training program for athletes and coaches based around the 3D Simulator and you can get access to it by subscribing to their website below. 

With many great in-game updates to come, new game concepts and many great partners all over the world, the FTA is young but hungry association who is one to watch for in years to come in both the Esports industry and the Freestyle Acrobatic Industry. 

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  1. David H. Uttal, Nathaniel G. Meadow, Elizabeth Tipton, Linda L. Hand, Alison R. Alden, Christopher Warren, Nora S. Newcombe. The Malleability of Spatial Skills: A Meta-Analysis of Training StudiesPsychological Bulletin, 2012; DOI: 10.1037/a0028446

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