Simone did the right thing

How many gymnasts in future will remember the time Simone withdrew from an Olympic final because she didn’t feel right?

This is a win for safer Gymnastics in future.

An example for coaches — in future — when uncertain about whether or not to include that difficult skill in the routine. Err on the side of caution.

Recall that tennis star Naomi Osaka recently took time off from competition. Smart.

A psychological problem can be just as debilitating as a physical injury.

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4 thoughts on “Simone did the right thing”

  1. She shouldn’t have taken the slot if she knew she was prone to bailing like that. It’s a basic part of being an Olympic selection that you go out and do the sets. No boo hoo hoo movie of the month from me. This was bad news.


    1. it’s not the best thing that couldve happened obviously but it could have been worse with her injuring herself or putting up a bunch more low scoring routines completely taking US off the podium for any medals.

      I have heard her saying before that there was a few times that she completely forgot how to twist in the gym. Sad it happened right now but it is what it is.


      1. I feel bad for Simone. Too much pressure on her tiny shoulders…she had a panic attack. I’ve never seen her balk a vault. Good for her to do what she needed to do for her mental health. We love you Simone .


  2. Yes, she could have seriously injured herself. Such a smart, mature decision. She is an amazing person and incredible gymnast! Gotta love her ❤️


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