Simone, Suni, Jordan, MyKayla

  1. Simone Biles 60.565
  2. Sunisa Lee 57.666
  3. Jordan Chiles 57.132
  4. MyKayla Skinner 56.598
  5. Grace McCallum 56.498
  6. Kayla DiCello 56.298
  7. Kara Eaker 55.565
  8. Shilese Jones 54.999


Watching U.S. Olympic trials MIGHT be more thrilling than the Olympics.

So many fantastic athletes.

And SO MANY SMILES. It fills me with hope that the culture of elite Gymnastics is improving.

Simone and any 3 of these competitors would likely win TEAM GOLD at Tokyo.

As predicted by most, it’s still looking like Simone, Suni and Jordan — with a 4th official team member who best complements the first three.

Simone Biles leads U.S. gymnastics trials with Suni Lee, Jordan Chiles in position to qualify

MyKayla was the biggest surprise for me. Her best AA competition ever. You know … the married, 24-year-old Floor / Vault specialist? 😇

On the other hand, USA already has Simone and Jade as likely Vault / Floor finalists. An argument to bring medal contenders on Bars and Beam instead.

They’ll win team easily regardless of who gets the 4th spot.

Click PLAY or watch it on Twitter.

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