Minnesota 2021 NCAA Championships host

April 16 & 17, 2021 Minnesota will host the Men’s Championships.

Coach Mike Burns:

September 10, 2020, I got the call I had always feared getting but had always hoped I wouldn’t.

‘Coach, I’m sorry, but we’re discontinuing your program after this season.’

I hope none of you get that call in your lifetime. To say it’s devastating would be a serious understatement.

… 22 lives will be monumentally transformed in the blink of a Zoom call.

Dealing with adversity is part of our daily grind in the gym. This sport demands rigorous physical conditioning, precision timing, and a lifetime of commitment to excel. The guys on this team have checked these boxes on all of those demands of the sport. And they deserve to be treated better.

This team, this 2021 Team, may be the last at Minnesota. But it will be a team that will be remembered for banding together in times of extreme adversity.  …

We’ll be hosting the 2021 NCAA Championships at the Maturi Pavilion on April 16 & 17, 2021.

One thing I’d love to see is the biggest crowd ever to attend an NCAA Championships that weekend.

These Golden Gophers deserve that kind of support from our community after getting the news we got on September 10th.

2017 – University of Minnesota Gopher Men Gymnastics
— Copyright Christopher Mitchell / SportShotPhoto.com

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