Cecile Landi interview

Simone and some of the top gymnasts in her club World Champions Center have been back training for a few weeks now.

The Olympic Channel caught up with coach Cecile (Canqueteau) Landi:

OC: … in the relatively short period of time you guys have worked together, the three of you have obviously accomplished so much. What do you think is your proudest moment of of the past two years.

CL: I think the way she, she is. She’s so outspoken and she feels that she can say anything.

In that way I feel like she’s way more confident as a woman than she ever was. It comes with maturity, but also she speaks up, like, we listen to her.

As a coach, the 2019 Worlds where I’ve never seen her feeling so confident and happy to compete. And that beam title, obviously, because I know how much she wanted it. …

OC: What do you see your role as her coach to help her kind of reframe the plan, physically and the training, for the next 14 months?

CL: I mean, Laurent is the big planner. So once we do have all those dates and all that, we’ll sit down again and do the big calendar and see. In that trio, I listen to both of them and I try to compromise to both of them, making sure he kind of gets what he wants and she gets what she wants and everybody feels good. So that’s my role. …

OC: You haven’t been shy about talking about USA Gymnastics and all the changes that need to happen in this country in gymnastics. Where do you think the sport is now in this country? And what else are you hoping to see change?

CL: I think we’re going in the right direction. I want to trust [the current CEO of USA Gymnastics] and I want to believe that she has the best interests at heart, and I think she does. What we like is she was an athlete herself, an elite gymnast and NCAA gymnast. …


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