UPDATE – Andrei Rodionenko NEGATIVE for COVID-19


Valentina Rodionenko told the media today that her husband had another test and this time it came back negative:

… We’re prepared to do a third test as well. …

“We will stay home, the quarantine is until April 15th. …

… Rodionenko said she hopes they’ll be able to go back to Round Lake after the team’s quarantine is over:

“Returning to Novogorsk is out of the question now. We hope to go back to our native Round Lake after the quarantine, if they’ll allow us, if they’ll open the training center. It will depend on our management. Swimmers and fencers are in the same boat.”



Andrei Rodionenko, the head coach of the Russian national artistic gymnastics team, has tested positive for COVID-19.

Valentina Rodionenko said that after the national team gymnasts and staff were tested, two tests came back positive – for Andrei Rodionenko and one of the gymnasts.

Later, it became known that the gymnast who tested positive is Sergey Naidin, a 2016 junior European champion on pommel horse. …

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One thought on “UPDATE – Andrei Rodionenko NEGATIVE for COVID-19”

  1. It’s absurd to assume that he is negative because the second test came back negative. It is not uncommon to have false negative tests. It is irresponsible to report anything other than that the two tests are different. There is no way to know which one is correct.


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