USA MAG international assignments

If you (like me) are still confused about American assignments following Winter Cup, those were decided by MPC on Saturday, February 22st.

In the minutes the stated objective of the AA World Cups is to “earn +1 for Olympic Games with top 3 finish cumulative results from American Cup, Stuttgart, Birmingham and Tokyo Cup.”

Motion: Assign Shane Wiskus to Wild Card position at American Cup (with Sam Mikulak)

… Assign Yul Moldauer to Stuttgart AA World Cup.

Assign Brody Malone to Birmingham World Cup.

Assign Sam Mikulak to Tokyo Cup.

Read the minutes.

That decision was unanimous.

Apparently there were no updated, published documents giving direction to the committee, a big oversight on the part of USAG MPC.

Poor planning. 

Very poor communication. 

Fixing this should be job #1 for new USAG Men’s Vice President Jason Woodnick.

As USAG has declined to comment on the issue publicly, the best coverage I’ve heard was by Kensley Behel on GymCastic podcast episode 413.

Kensley attended Winter Cup and has been in direct communication with USAG.

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3 thoughts on “USA MAG international assignments”

  1. I don’t think committee meetings tend to directly operate around published documents or criteria (not explicitly talking about USAG here). They probably had the AA World Cup switcheroo idea on a whim and they don’t owe anyone any justification for discretionary decisions because they’re the experts.


  2. Quit trying to stir up a fuss. This is completely normal. Let them move on and do their job, assigning the best athletes as deserved. You just love bashing and controversy.


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