USAG blunders this weekend

Where to start? 

For an organization that already has little trust with membership, communication could not have been much worse at the (otherwise excellent) Men’s Winter Cup in Las Vegas.

Now Tuesday morning and I’m still not 100% sure what happened.

It seems the USA MPC had not documented their World Cup selection system in advance of Winter Cup.

Why, you might ask.

Yet USAG had to earlier put forward nominative entrees for the 4 AA World Cups either Sam or Yul were assigned to all four.

Not many — including Yul’s Mom — knew they were only nominative.

Now — after the Winter Cup — MPC is considering replacing Yul for some of his nominative assignments.

It’s a mess. More self-inflicted wounds for USA Gymnastics.

Click over to Gymnastics-Now for an update through Tuesday, February 25th.

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5 thoughts on “USAG blunders this weekend”

  1. This seems like a problem created by the men’s program committee. They are the only ones who can fix it. Unless we have a new professional leader.


  2. Yawn. Yul needs to speak for himself instead of having his Mom mouthing off. And associations replace athletes like this all the time. Put the best one in the slot.


  3. In what world is a woman speaking up, raising her own concerns, and voicing her independent opinions “mouthing off” and/or “speaking for someone else”?

    Oh, right. Your own delusional misogynistic world.

    Rick, I’m disappointed you allowed the above comment through moderation.


  4. I don’t care whether it is the Mom or the Dad. The helicopter parents need to sit down and shut up and let their kids deal with the kicks in the teeth that the world gives everyone on their own.


  5. pIcK yOuRsElF uP bY ThE boOTsTrApS.

    KiDs ThEsE dAyS hAvE nO rEsPeCt.

    Ok, boomer.

    Have you read Mark Williams’ measured and articulate thread about what a dumpster fire this is, all by USAG’s making?


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