Donte McKinney DID NOT have a 9.7 E-score

UPDATE – Looking at the tweet below I wrongly thought Donte was awarded a super high 9.7 E-score. 

In fact, he was awarded 9.7 in the experimental 10.0 conversion system used at this competition. His E-score was 9.2

Thank Dave for correcting my error.

… I’m wondering how many others will be confused on this.

Click PLAY or watch it on Twitter.

(via College Gym News)

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3 thoughts on “Donte McKinney DID NOT have a 9.7 E-score”

    1. Thanks Dave. … I’m thinking this is a BIG problem with the conversion score experiment. How many people like me were confused on that?

      I’ll UPDATE the post.


  1. Even when people earn a 9.7 E score they don’t receive it. They are more likely to get an 8.9. I remember one routine from worlds, I couldn’t find more than about 0.4 in deductions and his E-score was still below 9.


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