NCAA Men – Minnesota hosts a 10.0 Meet

As an experiment, the audience will be shown a score out of 10.0 in addition to their normal FIG score.

“A gymnast must score a 15.0 or higher to earn a 10 in the converted system, along with sticking their dismount. Conversion tables will be accessible to those in attendance to keep track of both the open-ended and 10.0 scores. …

Combining FIG scoring with the 10.0 system in-arena is a move that will hopefully provide a more understandable and entertaining product for both longtime and casual fans.  …”

Men’s Gymnastics To Host “Flashback Friday” 10.0 Meet

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Rick Mc

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2 thoughts on “NCAA Men – Minnesota hosts a 10.0 Meet”

  1. I don’t see the point in this. Adapt or perish. The code is not going to change and NCAA is using FIG this year pee judges instructions from NGJA. There is no deep and wide can base I’m men’s gymnastics complaining about the scoring system, just the “Back in my day” crowd.


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