cleaning vinyl Gymnastics mats

No matter how we clean our mats … residue is left over after it dries.

Most often we are using water and vinegar.

But we’ve tried many other cleaning solutions.

Leave a comment if you’ve come up with anything that dries cleaner (than this).

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Rick Mc

Career gymnastics coach who loves the outdoors, and the internet.

4 thoughts on “cleaning vinyl Gymnastics mats”

  1. We’re a set up/take down gym and we clean our mats only once per month because they don’t get used enough to need it before then. They get super clean with Young Living’s Thieves cleaner. We give our volunteers premixed spray bottles and they go to work. (We use 3 capfuls/litre of water). Works and smells great. And we haven’t noticed any residue from it either.
    Used to use Mr. Clean but it gave the gymnasts & coaches headaches if they were in the gym when cleaning was going on.


  2. I know a club that uses Scrubbing Bubbles, Mega Shower mousse.

    I think it works great. I tried to attach an image of the can, but couldn’t. I’ll send directly to Rick.


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