Gymnastics videographer Deanna Hong

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Including this interview: her history, links to some of her excellent Gymnastics video documentaries, and more.

Deanna Hong, an Emmy award winner for her work with NBC Olympics during the 2016 Games, has served as the videographer for the UCLA women’s gymnastics team since 2014. …

… she shot the mega viral video of Katelyn Ohashi performing on floor exercise. You know, this one. (77+ million views)

DH: Yes, that was actually our only meet that wasn’t televised last season, so we knew going into the meet that we would be free to post as many highlights as we wanted; usually we’re limited to 1-2 minutes of highlights when meets are televised.

It’s definitely cool to be able to tell people that I shot that video, because it feels like literally everybody has seen it. I really can’t take very much credit for it though—Katelyn did all of the heavy lifting …

Behind The Lens With Deanna Hong

A Q&A with one of gymnastics’ premiere videographers and editors

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