coach Muffet McGraw on gender equity

Notre Dame (Basketball) Coach Muffet McGraw has been on the Final Four stage nine times in her career. …

But her news conference on Thursday was different. It was passionate, and it was personal.

Muffet McGraw has had enough. …

NY Times 

She will only hire female assistant coaches in future. Female coaches in women’s sport should be the norm. Male coaches, the exception.

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6 thoughts on “coach Muffet McGraw on gender equity”

  1. So she’s openly admitting that she will discriminate on the basis of sex when hiring. Is that legal? Or ethical? Another reason I will never root for Notre Dame basketball.


  2. So has the quality of coaching for female basketball declined since the 1970s as a result of the increased proportion of male coaches? I bet it’s the opposite. I would suspect that what has actually happened is that as female basketball became more professional, the quality of coaching has needed to be much higher and as there are more men involved in Basketball than women, there are more high quality male coaches available than females.

    Also, for what reason can’t young girls gain leadership skills from males? What a load of nonsense she says about girls needing to watch women lead. Leadership qualities come from the individual not the gender. The fact that there are far more men in leadership roles than women.


    1. Yours is the reverse discrimination argument.

      Reverse discrimination is as bad as discrimination. I get that.

      The OTHER argument is that reverse discrimination is allowable until there’s gender parity in coaching. I get that too.


      1. But there was no discrimination to start with.

        Is the higher proportion of males in basketball coaching a result of discrimination? No. There are simply more males available for coaching than females.

        So what if there are more males doing it than females? What is the actual problem with there being more males coaching female basketball than females?

        Equality is about having equal opportunities and recognition. There’s been no mention of females being denied the opportunity to coach or being shown a lack of recognition for their ability to coach.


      2. Parity for the sake of gender parity alone doesn’t make sense. Will there be better outcomes? Will the players be better as a result? At what point do we actively start asking men to leave their jobs/firing them just so we can hire a woman in their place? That will be the next step for these so-called feminists like Muffet.


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