Iowa moves on to top 32

[32] Iowa v [33] Arizona are closely matched as teams. Either could have won today.

Sadly Arizona had to count a fall on Beam. Iowa was very good. In fact, Iowa was the highest scoring team of the eight who competed today.

Congratulations to coach Larissa Libby and staff.

Gill arena at OSU is charming. Steep. Old fashioned. A nice atmosphere. Unfortunately the crowd was small at 3pm on a Thursday.

Iowa was louder than Arizona from the start. And they seemed to build on that energy through the competition.

Certainly Iowa will be a bit tired day two. On the other hand, they know the equipment, lighting, sound system, etc. That could be a slight advantage.

Nick Ruddock calls those competition factors the 3 Ds: Distractions, Disruptions, Differences.

If they hit again like they did today, I’m predicting Iowa could surprise.

Watch for Guerin and Kaji on Floor.

___ P.S.

Ticket prices at the Regional hosted by OSU:

  • Single session = $9
  • 3 days = $27 + $15 NCAA fee (!?)

Yep. It’s cheaper to pay 4 x $9 = $36 than ALL SESSIONS $42. #NCAAthings

Over the years I’ve had both media credential and VIP credential at NCAA meets. Both were way too much hassle. Too many rules. I’d much rather pay to be a spectator.

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