new skill by Gabriel Hannah

Coach Will Banthorpe posted this.

Handspring to double salto forwards with 1/2 twist ~ Morandi with 1/2 turn.

Yep. It should be impossible.

Click PLAY or watch it on Instagram.

Gabriel competed it this weekend and was awarded E-value.

Click PLAY or watch it on Instagram.

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The Unnoficial "Hannah" Element! 🤸🏼‍♂️ . So I have been working this skill for a long time now, and kept it under wraps as I was hoping to compete it at this year's World Univeristy Games and receive that accolade all gymnasts dream of – having a skill named after them! Unfortunatley I was unable to attend this competition and therefore wouldn't be able to debut my skill. HOWEVER I decided even if it doesn't get officially named after me, at least I can be the very first person in the world to compete it! So here it is! A handspring with front salto and 1/2 turn in competition at the British Championships (Morandi 1/2). I submitted it to the officials, of whom some are senior members of FIG and I was given an E-Value . The floor is quite literally open now for anyone who wishes to take the skill as their own! But I will always be able to say I was still the first to compete it! (Even if it wasn't perfect on the day- I am still over the moon to have competed it) . @gymnasticshighlights @gymnastics.spotlight @gymnastics_intl @supremegymnastics @men_gymnastics @pure_gymnastics @gym_storage @insidegym @usagym @nilemw #Loughborough #GabesGradLife #Graduate #GradLife #WorkingGymnast #fitness #BritishChampionships #GymnasticsHighlights

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2 thoughts on “new skill by Gabriel Hannah”

  1. It’s stupid that he can’t get it named after him. They really should name skills after gymnasts who compete new skills at national competitions.


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