rules for transgender athletes

A number of prominent athletes have been speaking out on this issue of late.

Marathon world record holder Paula Radcliffe:

“Absolutely, any transgender men or women should be able to access sport – it just depends which category.

“We need to protect female sport but we also need to protect transgender women and their rights.

“For all this to advance fairly to everybody, we have to accept it might take a while, work together and stop attacking the other side.”

Paula Radcliffe says tighter transgender rules are needed to avoid ‘manipulation’

Certainly more research needs be done on this important but rarely problematic issue.

The current level of testosterone allowed by the IOC will drop from 10 nanomoles per litre to five for the 2020 Olympics.

MOSTLY this issue is a talking point for right wing extremists who jump on every opportunity to attack minorities. The rhetoric is similar to their attacks on transgender people using public bathrooms.

related – Transgender Minnesotan powerlifter JayCee Cooper was barred from competing at a state championship due to the International Olympics Committee’s ( IOC ) guidelines.

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