Patti Rope – 1976 Bars

Patti was coached by her parents, Don and Benita Rope. In 1972 they founded Cambridge Kips Gymnastics Club.

In February of 1976, with the Olympics approaching, the Romanian team, including Nadia Comenici, stayed in Cambridge to train with the Kips for a week at Glenview Park S.S. The culmination of the week was a two-day Canada-Romania meet, hosted by the Kips at the Kitchener Auditorium. It was at that meet that Nadia received the first perfect 10, a benchmark for what was to come at the Olympics not long afterward.

At Montreal two Russian gymnasts approached Patti asking if she could help them get their ears pierced. They all piled into the Rope van and went downtown. The two Russians? Nelli Kim, and a young girl by the name of Elvira Saadi, destined one day to become coach of the Kips and of Canadian champion Yvonne Tousek.

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via Fans of Canadian Gymnastics

Rope finished 27th at Montreal, the highest-ever placing at an Olympics by a Canadian female gymnast at the time …

Cambridge Sports Hall of Fame

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