are coaches willing to CHANGE?

I go to a lot of Gyms. A lot of excellent gyms.

Many coaches are doing many things right.

My last visit was to a club where only one of the competitive team had anything taped. It has a reputation for keeping girls in Gym through High School.

When I watched training my main feedback was to KEEP doing what they are doing: good basics, safe landings, good handstands.

That said, none of us are the best coach in the world. We should all constantly be evaluating and tweaking our training plans.

Some advice from Dave Tilley:

1. Everyone Taking On More Accountability and Self Awareness
2. Eliminate the Say-Do Gap
3. Pushing Athletes Hard But Intelligently
4. Collaborate, and Give Everyone and Equal Voice in Training Decisions
5. Critique Athlete Behavior, Not The Athlete
6. Don’t Value The Opinion Someone Has of You More Than Your Opinion of Yourself
7. Don’t Be Afraid of Very New, and Very Different, Ideas


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🚨*New Blog Post*🚨- "7 Culture Changes Gymnastics Needs for The Future" (link in bio) – – 🙏Got quite an important new blog post today, one that I have been really thinking hard about over the last year. – – 💡Not all of gymnastics is broken, but there is a massive amount of work to do. – – 📚I put together 7 of my thoughts I think we need in our sport if we want to a future for producing happy, healthy, and high performing gymnasts. It’s just based on my experiences as a gymnast, coach, medical provider, researcher, and consultant. Please share if you find it useful! #gymnastics #culturechange #performance #health #TeamChampion #SHIFT – –

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