Oklahoma opens with best score all-time

Update – some think there were scores higher than 198.050 in the distant past. Leave a comment if you know of one.

1. Oklahoma 198.050
2. UCLA 197.250
3. Utah 197.175
4. LSU 196.775
5. Georgia 196.600
6. Michigan 196.050

On the strength of a Maggie Nichols 39.750 in the AA, the Sooners dashed out to an eight-tenth advantage over the rest of the country …

It’s not surprising that Oklahoma has jumped out to a lead given the team’s specific attention to starting quickly, but seeing the 198 barrier fall so early is a surprise…since it has never happened before. This 198.050 now sits as the highest opening-weekend score in the history of college gymnastics.

Balance Beam Situation

Many teams haven’t competed yet.

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3 thoughts on “Oklahoma opens with best score all-time”

  1. Oklahoma was definitely overscored again. I felt that makayla should have gotten two tens and possibly a third. Here bb was definitely underscored. She will keep getting screwed for her past. W thought she definitely looked better than Maggie. But the judging needs to put the past aside . Overall UCLA and Utah was just as good or better.


    1. Skinner had mistakes across all four events, including her leg separation and early twisting on the table. Utah was nowhere near as clean as OU.


      1. I’m not sure what you were watching. Maggie had a step back on her landing. And they were grossly overscored on all four events. Makayla was almost perfect on vault, floor and ub. Her bb was considerly underscored. If we nick pick Oklahoma was overscored quite a bit. In no way was Maggie better than makayla. Her her performance would have been scored fairly if the judges stop hitting her for her past.


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