World championships format

“Changes to the world championships format are needed to reduce the size and length of the competition, which is taking place over 10 days in Doha,” Watanabe said.

“It is a heavy burden on gymnasts physically and mentally, and in some cases it leads to injuries,” he said. “We have difficulties to find organisers due to huge expenses.”

… the Competition Commission in consultation with the Technical Committees is exploring the idea of using continental championships as a qualifier to compete at the world championships. …

“I understand there may be objections from the developing countries, but we must go the right way,” he said. “The world championships must be the competition for the most experienced athletes and the showcase for the Gymnastics family.”

FIG President holds roundtable with federations in Doha

I’d agree that something should be done. I’m leaving before apparatus finals myself to save on cost. 

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Rick Mc

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2 thoughts on “World championships format”

  1. Cont championships like Euro would make it tough for many euro fed to get to worlds…. obviously won’t affect us, china, japan, or russia much..


  2. Oh fuck me. There is already a lack of competition opportunities for the top gymnasts and they want to reduce these further??? WTF! Maybe they are also worried about getting too many viewers and want to reduce these too. Seriously stupid.


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