strategy for USA qualifications to Tokyo 2020

Jade Carey
opted not to try for selection to Worlds Doha. That’s the official story.

Jade’s the 2017 World vault & floor exercise silver medalist. And would have had an excellent chance to medal again in Doha.

Spencer discusses strategies for how USA should qualify the maximum (6) competitors for the Tokyo Olympics:


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2 thoughts on “strategy for USA qualifications to Tokyo 2020”

  1. There are so many problems with this. I don’t know why USAG wants more problem to deal with as they already have enough trouble already…

    I can understand that sometimes gymnasts become selfish and pretty much try to do anything to get to the olympics…. (see the dickson case)… but this new one is something entirely new and completely crazy that just about everyone following think it’s stupid

    Some speculates that USAG is now promoting individual gymnast enpowerment!?? but i can’t see how this would even be fitting in that…. it’s full of favoritism and a scandal waiting to happen. And obviously if jade cant make it in 2020 for whatever reason, US automatically lose the spot….

    I like Jade, but i think she made the wrong decision this time…. and I don’t know how USAG can even support this……


    1. I 100% agree with that comment. I am so disappointed with Jade and her father’s decision and have absolutely no idea why USAG would support it. I can only hope that they will prevent her from going to more apparatus world cups so that she cannot qualify this way. It’s so terribly disrespectful to other US gymnasts.


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