boycotting Qatar

Though I’m planning to attend Worlds in person, many are staying home in protest.

Homosexuality is illegal in Qatar, and prevailing cultural mores view homosexuality and cross-dressing negatively. The Qatari government does not recognize same-sex marriage or civil partnerships, nor does it allow people in Qatar to campaign for LGBT rights. …

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Though Qatar is one of the more progressive Arab nations, they are still deplorably backwards on human rights.

They do dumb things too. For example Emir Tamim Bin Hamad Bin al-Thani just gifted a $400 million dollar plane to Turkey’s dictator Erdogan.

This is part of the ongoing spat between billionaire dictators in the region.

Democracy is a terrible political system, as we’ve seen. But it’s far better than totalitarian rule as in Qatar.

Still, I’m hopeful that Worlds and the upcoming World Cup further modernize this tiny nation. One bit of good news – Qatar will allow both the flag and national anthem of Israel.  (This has not been the case in the past.)

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